Monday, August 16, 2010

Wanna know the truth about Libra males? Beat us at our own game...?

Libras Exposed! We are Narcissistic---google it if u dont know the term.

As a libra male..i know this for sure. This will let you know how to bring down those of us that think the world cannot live without us or that we are special and hurt u Just out of therapy...i know the truth about myself so i wanted to help others defend themselves against emotional hurt. So here's how to:

1. make a libra male leave you (if thats your goal)

2. to make a libra male want you more.

Ignoring us..taking away what we desire and NEED most...ATTENTION

We use the SILENT TREATMENT when we are defeated....know, read and use this to your advantage. A libra hurt my now im exposing all of us!

Very much as a drug addict Libra males would react to the absence of his particular drug. The Libra male constantly consumes (really, preys upon) adoration, admiration, approval, applause, attention and other forms of Narcissistic Supply (attention). When lacking or deficient, a Narcissistic Deficiency Dysphoria sets in. The Libra male is and looks depressed, his movements slow down, his sleep patterns are disturbed (he either sleeps too much or becomes insomniac), his eating patterns change (he gorges on food or is unable even to look at it). He is be constantly dysphoric (sad), anhedonic (finds no interest in the world, no pleasure in anything or in any of his former pursuits and interests).

He is subjected to violent mood swings (mainly rage attacks) and all his (visible and painful) efforts at self-control fail. He may compulsively and ritually resort to an alternative addiction 鈥?alcohol, drugs, reading. This constitutes a futile effort of the narcissist both to escape his predicament 鈥?and to sublimate his aggressive urges. His whole behaviour seems constrained, artificial, full of effort and toil.

The libra male gradually turns more and more mechanical, detached, unreal. His thoughts constantly wander or become obsessive and repetitive, his speech may falter, he appears to be far away, in a world of his narcissistic fantasies, where Narcissistic Supply is aplenty.

He withdraws from this painful world which knows not how to appreciate his greatness, special skills and talents, potential, or achievements. The Libra thus ceases to bestow himself upon a cruel universe, punishing it for its shortcomings, its inability to realise how unique the narcissist is. A schizoid mode sets in: the Libra isolates himself, a hermit in the kingdom of his hurt. He minimises his social interactions and uses ';messengers'; to communicate with the outside. Devoid of energy, the Libra can no longer pretend (be fake) or succumb to social conventions. His former compliance gives way to open withdrawal (a rebellion of sorts). His former smiles are transformed to frowns, courtesy becomes rudeness, emphasised etiquette used as a weapon, an outlet of aggression, an act of violence.

The Libra, blinded by pain, will try to hide it, (giving you the impression he does not care, when he really does alot) seeks to restore his balance, to take another sip of the narcissistic nectar. In his quest, the narcissist Libra males turns to and upon those nearest to him. His real attitude emerges: for him, they are but tools, one-dimensional instruments on the path to gratification, Sources of Supply or pimps of such supply, catering to his narcissistic lusts.

He regards them as shallow, no longer functioning objects. In his wrath, he tries to mend them by forcing them to perform again, to function. This is coupled with horrendous and torrential self-flagellation, a deservedly self-inflicted punishment, or so the libra male narcissist feels. In extreme cases of deprivation, the narcissist may entertain suicidal thoughts, this is how deeply he loathes his self and his condition.

Through all this, the Libra is beset by a pervading sense of nostalgia. It is a malignant variety, harking back to a past, which never existed except in the thwarted grandiosity of the Libra. The longer the lack of Narcissistic Supply (attention), the more this past is glorified, re-written, the more you are missed and mourned. This serves to enhance all the other negative feelings. Put together, it already amounts to what might be clinically described as depression.

The Libra then glides into the shores of paranoia (what if i cant get her back?). From his mental closet, he draws a model of a prosecuting world (like its your fault and blame), incorporating in it those around him and events in his recent life. This gives meaning to what is erroneously perceived by the libra as a sudden shift from over supply to under or to no supply (such over and under valuations are typical of him). The apparent diminishing of the Narcissistic Supply is best explained by a theory of conspiracy. The narcissist libra male then 鈥?in pain, in despair, in fear 鈥?embarks upon an orgy of self-destruction intended to generate ';alternative Supply Sources'; (attention)Wanna know the truth about Libra males? Beat us at our own game...?
Dude no! Why are you telling everybody our Secret!!??

Haha lol no but seriously. This was funny. I find it amazing you would really write all this down just because you were pissed at a libra. Stalker much? J/k. I'm gonna be honest though. Some of this was true - a little bit. But the majority of stuff like paranoia and entertaining suicide and all the narcissistic crap was just...crap. No offense but this whole bio sounds more like you then some other libra.Wanna know the truth about Libra males? Beat us at our own game...?

Though obviously exaggerated, that was informative and funny!

Thank you!!!

I guess I shouldn't be a Libra then.



im aquarius,
My step-dad is a libra and I am a scorpio. We get along great. I usually hate people who are like the ';personality'; you describe above. I enjoy libra's sharp wit and outlook on life. I think a lot of what you wrote may have more to do with the person not the zodiac in general. People, with free while of self, have the opportunity to correct bad behavior and become better people.
I am Scorpio, the Libra in my life is very compatible with me. Wakes up every day with a ';How can I be helpful'; attitude. Wish you could know that.
Thank GOD! After all my delving into astrology, I've never found something about Libra THIS informing! I've ALWAYS had a little voice in the back of my head claiming that this Libra neighbor of mine was blind by his own vanity, but he would NEVER present any type of sign to confirm it. After me and him had a fight, I gave him the silent treatment (I feel like a little kid for saying that) for well over 3 months (and the summer previous to that, I literally would have spent the day, the whole 24 hour day with him, so it was a drastic change). And now he's virtually out of my life.

Librans definitely do have the best poker face, which I have reason to believe is because they are so confident in themselves that they are deceiving. It's amazing really. Who said Scorpio was mysterious? They obviously haven't played any mind games with a Libra!
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    Itocomoflo Uric said...

    This I'd say was 100% accurate even the way you wrote it had the essence a narsist I swear everything written there described this guy as a person fully he being a libra ofc and I know not all libras are exactly as described above but so far I have noticed them all quite vain even when they come off as humble you realise what ever you talk about with them it some how always ends up about them.

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